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Posts tagged "family law"

Family law dispute: Domestic violence in Alberta

Divorce can bring out the worst in couples. Many a family law dispute in Alberta has centred around domestic violence, which increases not only the stress level in the partner on the receiving end of such violence, but of any children involved. In its 2013 report Statistics Canada (StatsCan) said that there are more than 252 domestic violence victims for every 100,000 residents in the country, which translates to 26 per cent of violent actions involving spouses or common law partners. 

The importance of positive co-parenting in the family law process

The mental health of children going through divorce often hinges on how well their parents are co-parenting them. The family law process in Canada looks at what is in the best interests of children and that includes supporting their children through difficult times. Parenting in two individual homes might not be an easy feat, but when parents agree to put their children first, it could be much less stressful, even when parents are going through their own difficulties.

Honouring family law orders from other areas

When people get divorced, they no longer have to answer to each other and can live anywhere they please. However, if they share children and one parent lives out of province, they should know that they're not off the hook when it comes to child support and other issues. Alberta is part of what is known as the Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act which gives it the right to change, enforce and recognize family law orders from other provinces, territories and certain countries. 

Family law: Staying together while miles apart

There is no one way to describe a family in the 21st century. The family dynamic can be as individual as the people making up the family unit. Legally, the family dynamic in Alberta is governed by family law, and there are certain criteria that need to be upheld like always doing what is in the best interests of children; however, that doesn't always mean a family is located under one roof all the time. 

Family law child support guidelines for the self-employed

Divorced entrepreneurs who are on the line for paying child support need to know how that support should be calculated. Family law rules in Alberta say child support payments should be determined on the payor's income, but that's not always so easy to calculate for those who own businesses. A parent who is paying child support must, under the law, be transparent about his or her income and benefits. If the parents can't come to some understanding of what child support payments should be, a court will look at expenses the payor claims under the Income Tax Act to come to a decision on payments.

Family law: Resilient children can more easily overcome obstacles

Raising children who are resilient to life's occasional turmoil is one of the greatest tasks of a parent. It can be a daunting task, too, especially when in today's technological world, parents are inundated with so much information about the proper way to raise children. Family law in Alberta provides parents with a number of tools to make positive decisions for their children who may be having rough patches in dealing with divorce. 

Family law: Divorce may affect Alberta couples'retirement plans

There is no area that divorce doesn't touch in couples' lives. Family law in Alberta has rules regarding many facets of divorce, including the financial aspects. Although some couples may have been struggling for a while when they decide to separate or divorce, some may not have given thought to how divorce might affect their retirement plans. It can change circumstances and one or both individuals may find that they can't afford to retire when they thought they could.

Family law process can help in co-parenting children of divorce

Besides the couple actually going through a divorce, no one feels the stress more than any children they may have. But, thanks to the family law process in Alberta, these parents have the tools necessary to successful co-parent their children even when they're no longer living in the same household. Just because they may have two homes now doesn't mean these kids aren't still part of a family -- it's just that the family dynamic has changed.

Costs: Who Bears the Burden at the End of Litigation

When Family law goes to litigation it can be a lengthy and drawn out process. Although it can be a relief when your matter is resolved, that relief can quickly dissipate knowing you are faced not only with your own costs, but costs for the other party as well. Accordingly, it is helpful to have some knowledge about costs ahead of your next court appearance.

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