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Posts tagged "child mobility"

What factors does the Court assess in child mobility cases?

In deciding matters of child custody, one of the Court's main concerns is to ensure, when appropriate, that contact between the child and both parents is sustained. That being said, if one parent wants to move with the child, the Court will take a fresh look at custody arrangements, having regard to the following factors:

Alberta mobility applications: Making a case for a move

In matters of child custody, the Alberta courts generally presume that maximizing contact between the child and both parents is in the child's best interests. Every family is different, though, and economic or employment issues may arise that require one parent to relocate with the child.

What criteria are considered in child mobility disputes?

After a divorce or separation, a parent who has access to his or her child has a right not only to spend time with the child, but also to receive certain information related to the child's well-being. For example, a parent with access may ask the parent with primary custody to provide information about the child's health care and education.

Child Custody Jurisdiction

In cases where child custody is in dispute and the parents live in different cities, provinces or countries, the question arises - which court has jurisdiction (or the authority) to make binding decisions about the children? The general rule is that the court located where the children are habitually resident has jurisdiction to make those decisions.

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