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Posts tagged "Family law"

Three big challenges that may accompany a family law dispute

Conflict is never easy, and when a family issue enters the legal arena, it often becomes even more difficult to manage. A family law dispute, in particular divorce, can bring with it several stressors. It is a good idea for Alberta individuals to prepare for these challenges ahead of time and consider ways to manage the toll they might take.

Consequences of ignoring an order following a family law dispute

For most people, a court order or judge's decision marks some sort of conclusion in a legal conflict. For others, it can be the beginning of a new set of worries, this time related to the other party's compliance with the order. Many Alberta individuals in the midst of a family law dispute may wonder what consequences might exist should the other party neglect to follow a family court order.

How child support and custody impacts separated parents' taxes

There are many things parents need to consider after separating from their significant other. Among the many considerations are changes to one's tax status. The tax situation of a newly single parent can vary greatly depending who maintains child custody, who is paying child support and how child care expenses are divided between parents. Here are a few things Alberta parents should consider if they are newly separated come tax time.

Managing child custody issues with long-distance parents

Co-parenting is difficult enough when both parties are in the same city or region. But, for parents who live in very different parts of Alberta or even in different provinces all together, managing child custody issues responsibly can be an even bigger hurdle. Maintaining a bond with a child allowing for reasonable visitation, and avoiding miscommunication is a challenge in long-distance parenting relationships.

Can a spouse claim property rights over a business in divorce?

When it comes to getting a divorce, business owners may have a few extra things to worry about. Business that began or grew during the marriage can sometimes be considered marital property that needs to be divided during the family law process. Understanding how Alberta property rights impact business ownership and management is important for both sides in an entrepreneurial divorce.

Family law considerations when divorcing young

Many individuals going through a divorce in their 20s and 30s assume the process will be straightforward, especially if they do not have a shared house or children yet. In reality, even seemingly simple break-ups can have their fair share of legal, financial and personal challenges. Here are some things to consider when working through an Alberta family law case earlier in life.

Does who initiates a divorce impact property rights in Alberta?

While some divorces are mutually agreed upon, many are initiated by one party. The other person may feel this is unfair, especially if they do not want the divorce themselves. However, the details of who chose to pursue a dissolution of marriage are typically unimportant in settling issues like property rights.

Spousal support among common divorce surprises

Even in a fairly amicable divorce, surprises and misconceptions can catch people off guard. Those undergoing the divorce mediation process in Alberta should be aware of some of the financial and legal issues that await them, such as the impact of spousal support and the challenges of disconnecting shared accounts. Here are some of the most common surprises for those who end a marriage.

Managing finances during the family law process

A divorce can be challenging in many ways: emotional turmoil, family division, and financial stress to name a few. For the latter issue, it is a good idea to take steps to plan ahead with a rational mindset. Albertans going through the family law process can save themselves from serious financial problems down the road by following some simple but effective tips.

How compensation structure can impact child and spousal support

On the surface, declaring income for a divorce may seem relatively straight-forward. However, it often becomes a matter of far more than just presenting last year's tax return. For Alberta workers who must factor in commission, bonuses or even a job change, estimating and identifying income can become a challenge. It is important to consider how one's compensation structure could affect issues like child support, spousal support and division of assets.

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