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Divorce Mediation Archives

Reclaiming financial independence following divorce

The financial stress of a divorce is a frequently discussed topic. Alberta individuals and couples at every stage in a divorce have questions about how to pursue the dissolution of their marriage without creating a seemingly impossible level of financial stress. Navigating divorce mediation in the right way, connecting with helpful professionals and downsizing where appropriate can make a significant difference in one's financial well-being following a divorce.

Considerations for retirees pursuing divorce mediation

It's common to hear about couples staying together for the children, but what about staying together for the retirement savings? For many Alberta seniors, dividing up assets right before or during retirement can be a big undertaking, especially if plans and savings were designed with staying together in mind. For those who do decide to split later in life, there are a few important things to consider during divorce mediation.

Understanding the basics of divorce mediation

When Alberta couples decide to end their marriages, there are often many issues to resolve. This can include custody, spousal support and asset distribution. For many families, divorce mediation is the most constructive and cost-effective option. But how does this really work in practice?

Divorce mediation could help sort out financial issues

Money issues. They often don't leave a couple alone even after they've divorced, especially if they have children. But many problems surrounding a divorcing couple's finances may be ironed out using the divorce mediation process. There are ways in Canada to solve contentious issues during divorce, and mediation is one of them.

The good divorce

While no couple begins their marriage anticipating divorce, a relationship can deteriorate for any number of reasons. With sensationalized stories about feuding celebrity couples dominating the headlines and cautionary tales regarding acrimonious divorces, you'd be forgiven for thinking that parting ways with a partner is a surefire way to end up miserable.

How To Keep Your Divorce Out Of Court: The Benefits Of Mediation

The final decision on how you divide your assets and child custody matters do not always have to determined by a judge. Alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) are encouraged amongst separating couples because it’s more likely they will abide by a decision they had a hand in creating.

Divorce mediation in Canada: Navigating the steps

Divorce comes with baggage. And that baggage needs to be unpacked, and often the way of doing that in Canada is through divorce mediation. The answers to issues usually aren't found in one or two mediation sessions, but through a series of them where the couple comes to the table with the goal of ironing out their differences, especially when it comes to their children.

Canada divorce mediation making separating more amicable

Splitting in splendour. It seems these days divorce mediation is helping couples who are breaking up to do it with less anxiety, anger and stress. Indeed, some divorce situations in Canada appear not only to be amicable, but joyful, with the former couple remaining friends. These scenarios are becoming increasingly more prevalent and are especially healthy for any children involved.

Alberta divorce mediation: Who gets the hockey tickets?

A contentious issue in a recent divorce case concerned who would get season tickets to the Edmonton Oilers. It took divorce mediation to help the Alberta couple sort out the situation. In the end, a judge ruled the couple should share the tickets, but wouldn't have to sit together. The pair had been married 35 years and both are die-hard NHL fans.

Parenting plan checklist essential in Alberta divorce mediation

There is no getting around it. Divorce is hard -- hard on the couple, and hard on any children they have. So, it's especially important during divorce mediation for divorcing or separating Alberta parents to have a parenting plan in place regarding younger children, in order to make a difficult situation much less stressful. There are a few things to take into consideration when fashioning a parenting plan checklist.

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