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November 2019 Archives

Consequences of ignoring an order following a family law dispute

For most people, a court order or judge's decision marks some sort of conclusion in a legal conflict. For others, it can be the beginning of a new set of worries, this time related to the other party's compliance with the order. Many Alberta individuals in the midst of a family law dispute may wonder what consequences might exist should the other party neglect to follow a family court order.

How child support and custody impacts separated parents' taxes

There are many things parents need to consider after separating from their significant other. Among the many considerations are changes to one's tax status. The tax situation of a newly single parent can vary greatly depending who maintains child custody, who is paying child support and how child care expenses are divided between parents. Here are a few things Alberta parents should consider if they are newly separated come tax time.

Managing child custody issues with long-distance parents

Co-parenting is difficult enough when both parties are in the same city or region. But, for parents who live in very different parts of Alberta or even in different provinces all together, managing child custody issues responsibly can be an even bigger hurdle. Maintaining a bond with a child allowing for reasonable visitation, and avoiding miscommunication is a challenge in long-distance parenting relationships.

Reclaiming financial independence following divorce

The financial stress of a divorce is a frequently discussed topic. Alberta individuals and couples at every stage in a divorce have questions about how to pursue the dissolution of their marriage without creating a seemingly impossible level of financial stress. Navigating divorce mediation in the right way, connecting with helpful professionals and downsizing where appropriate can make a significant difference in one's financial well-being following a divorce.

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