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October 2019 Archives

Can a spouse claim property rights over a business in divorce?

When it comes to getting a divorce, business owners may have a few extra things to worry about. Business that began or grew during the marriage can sometimes be considered marital property that needs to be divided during the family law process. Understanding how Alberta property rights impact business ownership and management is important for both sides in an entrepreneurial divorce.

Collaborative law and other options when seeking a divorce

Those who are seeking to end their marriages may know that legal support is needed for the process, but what might that support look like? In Alberta divorces, there are few avenues individuals can go through to resolve family law issues. The most commonly pursued are collaborative law, mediation or "traditional" litigation. 

In high asset divorce, does remarriage end spousal support?

There are many issues often at play when a married couple chooses to end their union. In a high asset divorce, one common issue is spousal support. Many Alberta payers assume that spousal support payments will automatically end when their former spouse remarries or finds employment, but this is not always the case. While courts may rule to reduce or end spousal support in these instances, the details of the divorce, finances and agreement between spouses can impact the end result.

Considerations for retirees pursuing divorce mediation

It's common to hear about couples staying together for the children, but what about staying together for the retirement savings? For many Alberta seniors, dividing up assets right before or during retirement can be a big undertaking, especially if plans and savings were designed with staying together in mind. For those who do decide to split later in life, there are a few important things to consider during divorce mediation.

Family law considerations when divorcing young

Many individuals going through a divorce in their 20s and 30s assume the process will be straightforward, especially if they do not have a shared house or children yet. In reality, even seemingly simple break-ups can have their fair share of legal, financial and personal challenges. Here are some things to consider when working through an Alberta family law case earlier in life.

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