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January 2019 Archives

Family law tools to help children process changes of divorce

The ways in which parents handle divorce impacts their children greatly. First, it is crucial to let children know -- no matter what has been transpiring in the home -- that they are not the reason for the divorce. Parents have access to information and family law tools in Canada to help them to help their children in this situation --  everything from how to tell children about the divorce, to how to encourage them to be open about their feelings and what is happening. 

Divorce mediation could help sort out financial issues

Money issues. They often don't leave a couple alone even after they've divorced, especially if they have children. But many problems surrounding a divorcing couple's finances may be ironed out using the divorce mediation process. There are ways in Canada to solve contentious issues during divorce, and mediation is one of them.

Family law process: Bankruptcy and divorce in Canada

Even those people who are ordered to pay child and/or spousal support aren't off the hook for those payments if they declare bankruptcy. In Canada, the family law process is closing aligned to the laws that govern bankruptcy. One can't hide behind bankruptcy laws to avoid financial obligations, especially where children are concerned. If back support payments are owed to a former spouse or children, a claim can be launched with the court.

Alberta family law: Calculating the correct child support payment

When a couple with children splits up, there may be questions from each regarding child support -- who pays and how much. Family law in Alberta has succinct rules regarding how child support payments should be calculated. Who pays depends a lot on the custody arrangement and how much income each parent generates. Usually, the one who earns the most is the payor.

Alberta bill tackles property rights issues of common law couples

A part of Alberta legislation that speaks to common law couples who have split is getting an overhaul. The new bill has the stamp of approval of Alberta's lawyers who say the law regarding property division and property rights among common law couples who separate, as it currently stands, isn't comprehensive enough.  Bill 28, which will be renamed the Family Property Act from the Matrimonial Property Act, will also include adult interdependent partners (aka common law partners).

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