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December 2018 Archives

Family law: Some changes to Divorce Act should be more concise

Most of the changes to the Divorce Act have been applauded. There are still 45 proposed changes recommended to the Act, which oversee family law rules, most of which centre around the best interests of the child. The Act also clarifies many issues using plain language that most Alberta residents, and all Canadians, can understand.

Family law: Are divorce payouts taxable?

Divorce settlements can be tricky things when it comes to taxes. In Canada, family law governs divorce issues, but it's the tax man, also known as Revenue Canada, that makes the rules regarding the money that comes from a divorce settlement. It all depends on how the money is or has been paid out. 

Avoiding a possible family law dispute by communicating honestly

People head over heels in love may have unrealistic expectations of what marriage really means. To avoid any kind of possible family law dispute that may come with divorce, engaged Alberta couples might want to ask themselves a few questions before making the walk down the aisle. Being on the same page in regard to important life decisions is crucial for a happy marriage.

Family law: First Christmas after divorce doesn't have to be sad

Christmas is a joyful time spent in the love of family and friends. But when there is a feeling of loss, as there may be when it comes to divorce, the holidays can be a particularly painful time. There are tools under the family law umbrella in Canada that may help families in these situations. Kids are especially affected and there are a number of things parents can do to make it easier for everyone. The family dynamic has changed, but parents can assure their children that they will have the love of both their parents, even though they may not be living under the same roof.

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