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August 2018 Archives

Family law solutions provide support for back to school time

It's a hectic time of year when kids are getting ready to head back to school. There are many changes on the horizon when starting a new grade, and those changes can seem even more challenging when kids whose parents have recently split up are back in class. Newly divorced parents in Alberta who share child custody of their kids may find this time of year particularly stressful, compounded by the fact of also being new singles. There are certain family law solutions that can help.

Family law: Marriage and common law unions distinctly different

A lot of couples who don't marry but who live together for many years mistakenly believe that the law automatically considers them married. Family law rules say that's not necessarily so and to continue to mistakenly think it is may be a huge mistake. For instance, in some provinces -- Alberta included -- if spouses who weren't married separate, they have no legal right to a share in their partner's property unless they're both title holders.

Family law: Separation doesn't change formal estate documents

Divorce legally changes a marriage, separation doesn't. Family law rules in Canada are clear about this. Couples who separate but don't go through with a formal divorce may be misguided about what happens when one partner dies. The ramifications can be stressful, especially if the person is in a relationship with someone else.

Family law: Divorce regret actually exists

Making the decision to divorce is never easy. There are family law tools available to Alberta couples who find themselves in this tenuous situation. Ending a marriage can be complicated as well as emotionally volatile. So, it may be wise to take some extra time to ask some very pointed questions that could mean the difference between staying together and finally throwing in the towel.

Family law dispute: Sidestepping consent for child counseling

Children may have a difficult time processing the divorce of their parents. It may be helpful for kids to speak with a professional counselor in Alberta when they're having trouble dealing with their parents' breakup. But in the event of a family law dispute in which one parent doesn't agree with having a child speak to a therapist, the other parent may petition the court for permission,regardless of the dissension of the other parent.

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