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July 2018 Archives

How cryptocurrencies figure into property division upon divorce

The divorce process has changed drastically within the last few decades. And with those changes in Canada, couples who are divorcing may find themselves with a whole new set of issues when it comes to property division. With the advent of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, divorcing couples may be wondering how these assets play into the scenario when figuring out who gets what.

Calculating self-employment income for child support in Canada

Children must be the first priority in a divorce situation. When one or both parents are self-employed, there are ways to calculate child support payments based on income according to family law in Canada. Child and spousal support calculations are usually based on income, so it can get a little tricky when the parent paying support is an entrepreneur. The courts want to see full financial disclosure.

Family law: Questions to ask prior to parting ways for good

When couples make the decision to end their marriages, they likely exhausted all avenues to keep it together. Family law rules in Canada don't make it mandatory that couples ask themselves hard-hitting questions before breaking up, but it may be a wise thing to do since divorce is the final nail in the coffin when it comes to ending a marriage. There are many things to consider – from children to finances.

Family law: When an Alberta teen has a drug or alcohol problem

Teens will be teens, but there may be instances when some young people have problems that go beyond those of normal adolescence. When parents in Alberta find out that their teenage son or daughter has a problem with alcohol or drugs, they have the tools within family law that may be able to provide help for them and their children. Many different treatment options are available to a parent who still has decision-making capabilities when their child is below the age of 18.

Family law: Successful co-parenting helps kids cope with divorce

Children often suffer the most when their parents split up. Thankfully, however, there are tools within family law in Alberta that help parents to co-parent their children responsibly even though they're no longer married. Studies have shown that when parents put their differences aside for the well-being of their children, the children move forward in a healthier emotional state.

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