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May 2018 Archives

Changes to child support require disclosure to Alberta courts

Change is the only constant in life -- a truism exemplified in the raising of children from infancy to adulthood. Family law, in Alberta as elsewhere, embeds its recognition of children's evolving needs in its definition of child support, as part of the legal imperative of ensuring a child's ongoing well-being. As such, the courts take into account changing needs, lifestyles and, importantly, current incomes when an application to alter child support is made.

How To Keep Your Divorce Out Of Court: The Benefits Of Mediation

The final decision on how you divide your assets and child custody matters do not always have to determined by a judge. Alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) are encouraged amongst separating couples because it’s more likely they will abide by a decision they had a hand in creating.

Family law solutions: Who to speak to before deciding on divorce

Those who take marriage vows most likely do so with every intention that their marriages are going to last forever. So, when things get rough and it doesn't seem like anything or anyone is helping to solder what seems to be irreparably broken, one or both spouses may be thinking about divorce. Before making any drastic or hasty decisions, there are some people in Canada who, through family law solutions, may be able to help those involved to make decisions with clear heads.

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