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January 2018 Archives

Family law: Separation agreements beneficial in divorce situation

Some relationships end. It's a fact of life, and how the couple chooses to move forward depends entirely upon them. However, family law in Canada makes provisions for these types of situations, and one of those is a separation agreement. This document is a contract stipulating how the divorcing couple will treat their matrimonial home and how they will divide assets including property.

Family law in Canada: Access for noncustodial parents

Most every parent has the right to spend time with his or her child. If parents don't share joint custody of their children after they divorce, the noncustodial parent typically has the right to see their kids or to have access to them as stipulated by family law in Canada. Access, as granted by the courts or spelled out in a parenting plan, also gives the parent the right to be informed about their children's lives.

Family law in Canada: Adopting a non-Canadian child

Adopting a child from abroad is a choice available to Canadians, but it's not always an easy process. Not only will individuals have to deal with family law concerns in Canada, but they will also have to adhere to any international laws that are in place. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will also be involved when it's time for the child to come to Canada. Adoptive parents of international children must also be aware of any legalities in their respective provinces or territories.

High asset divorce in Canada: Keep it out of the court system

Couples who have decided to divorce and who have healthy bank accounts and portfolios, including property and other assets, are advised by experts to stay out of the court system. High asset divorce in Canada could be a costly endeavour.  However, making decisions through direct negotiation or mediation would be the wisest route to take not only to minimize the financial impact of the divorce but to keep control over the situation.

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