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June 2017 Archives

Collaborative law -- is it the right choice for your divorce?

Although the reasons for Alberta couples to file for divorce may seem mostly similar, the dynamics of each are unique. For that reason, the special skills of lawyers such as the legal team at the law firm of Kirk Montoute LLP in Calgary, who are extensively trained in the process of collaborative law, are unrivalled when it comes to divorce. Collaborative law is an innovative manner in which to deal with a divorce without the trauma typically associated with litigated divorces.

Update to the Estate of Prince Rogers Nelson

In a past article, the consequences of intestacy on administration of an estate were discussed within the context of the estate of the late recording artist, Prince, estimated to be worth up to $300 million. As predicted, administration of Prince's estate has led to protracted litigation, as described in this article from Vanity Fair.

Divorce mediation today might keep the doctor away

No one enjoys negativity in their lives, but unfortunately, a divorce can be fraught with negative emotions and unpleasant interactions. However, there are ways to reduce the level of conflict in an Alberta divorce, such as through divorce mediation. A new study seems to indicate that a bad breakup between parents can have surprisingly long-term effects on their children's health, all the more reason to work hard at as amicable a split as can be managed.

Post-separation mediation = happier children post-divorce

The pictures show one smiling couple after another, laughing and mugging for the camera. Are they gleeful newlyweds? Amazingly, they are all recently divorced. The 'divorce selfie' is a recent phenomenon made possible by not only the ubiquitous smartphone, but also by the popularity of non-confrontational divorce techniques. Divorce mediation is just one possible reason for all the happy faces.

Requesting a variation of spousal support in Alberta

As anyone going through a separation or divorce in Alberta knows, nothing lasts forever. Even the agreements made about life after marriage, such as child and spousal support, don't necessarily continue indefinitely. Payment amounts sometimes change to reflect new circumstances in either the payee or payer's life. In legal terms, this is a variation of support. 

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