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May 2017 Archives

Using divorce mediation could protect children's health

Divorce or separation takes an emotional toll on everyone involved, including the splitting couple and their children. A recent study indicates that an especially contentious divorce may also have a negative impact on children's health. It may be that divorce mediation can offer divorcing parents in Alberta a chance to mitigate the effects.

When a family law dispute turns ugly, it may be time to seek help

Nonconfrontational divorces get a lot of attention in Alberta. By minimizing disputes, and avoiding court as much as possible, many men and women are able to find civil ways to end their marriages. In some instances, however, there may be too much conflict and animosity between two spouses to allow for this type of divorce. In the worst-case scenarios, a family law dispute may be so bad that one party actually feels uncomfortable, or even unsafe around his or her ex-spouse.

The matrimonial home can be a tricky part of property division

All divorces can have sticking points for either or both parties involved. When the value of the marital assets is above average, property division can become a contentious issue. For many Alberta couples, the marital home is their single most valuable asset and deciding what to do with it may cause friction.

Alberta courts not always efficient for family law disputes

An unfortunate reality for many divided families is that Agreements, particularly with respect to parenting, do not always reflect the dynamic nature of parenting as children grow older. Many divorced or separated parents find themselves arguing over issues like custody and access long after making agreements in court or collaboratively. Situations change, and sometimes what was once a workable arrangement may no longer be suitable to one party. While the obvious place to settle a family law dispute may seem to be in an Alberta courtroom, it may not be the most efficient route to take.

Divorce mediation/arbitration gains in popularity

Men and women in Alberta and across Canada are choosing non-confrontational solutions to their divorce and family law issues now more than ever. Divorce mediation and/or arbitration is now one of the most popular options for people to resolve disputes arising from the break-down of married and common-law relationships. However, many people probably know little about the field of mediation/arbitaration, and may be unsure how to choose a mediator/arbitrator.

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