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Children may benefit emotionally from divorce mediation

Some marriages begin like a star; it starts with a spark, it catches fire and then it shines brightly. Unfortunately, many Alberta marriages end as stars do, either cooling off and fizzling out, or violently exploding. In the latter cases, emotions may be running hot and tempers flaring. While this is certainly not good for either party's emotional state, it may be even worse for their children. The solution may lie in following a few simple rules, and agreeing to divorce mediation.

Sometimes the mere sight of one's spouse can set a person off, and the fighting begins. Children, however, are emotional sponges; they will absorb the feelings around them, and they do not easily let them go. Prolonged exposure to their parents' anger can be damaging, emotionally. The same thing can happen if one is prone to bad-mouthing their spouse in the presence of the kids.

It is very important to present a united front to the children. Kids need to know both parents love them, and both are working hard to make the family work as best it can. This means establishing a visitation schedule and sticking to it, so the kids know both mom and dad will be there for them. Routine has a stabilizing effect on kids during a divorce.

Though it may not be easy, parents should consider at least trying divorce mediation. Working together now can lay the groundwork for continued cooperation and co-parenting. A compassionate and dedicated team at an Alberta family law firm can help a person and his or her family start a new life on the right foot.

Source:, "Children and Divorce: Helping Kids Cope with Separation and Divorce", Accessed on Feb. 26, 2017

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