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January 2017 Archives

Be prepared when a child custody case goes to court

There may be no more emotionally charged aspect of a divorce than working out custody of children. Child custody disputes may range from simple affairs to long, drawn-out courtroom battles. While no one enters into a situation like this willingly, it is important to be effectively prepared in case it does happen.

Family law dispute: How is a pet's value determined in divorce?

For many families, their pets are like their children, and when a divorce is looming, the fate of the pets can cause significant concern. In 2004, after a family law dispute, an Alberta court ordered a husband to pay his ex-wife $200 per month to enable her to take proper care of their dog. Although this was recorded as part of the spousal support, the court clearly indicated that the money was the support of the pet.

Holiday plans should be factored into child custody agreements

Holidays come year round and are am ong the best of times for a lot of Alberta families. Gatherings with loved ones and maybe vacations to far-off places are among the highlights of the season for many. For families split by divorce, however, arguments over child custody arrangements have the potential to turn this time of year into a nightmare.

Pets have no rights in the family law process, says judge

When two people divorce, all of their accumulated assets have to be divided between them. This includes everything from the matrimonial home right down to the cutlery. Somewhere in between are the many items people become emotionally attached to over the years; and then there are pets, which seem to occupy a grey area somewhere betwixt family and possession. Not so, according to a judge presiding in Alberta's eastern neighbour, who decided dogs have no legal standing in the family law process.

Things to know about spousal support in Alberta

For many couples, one of the great difficulties that may arise when a marriage or partnership has ended is becoming financially independent. It is very common for one spouse to provide the bulk of the household income, which makes it hard for the other spouse to survive on his or her own. For that reason, the concept of spousal, or partner support, was created. For those who haven't yet looked deeply into support and may have some questions, here are some useful things to know about spousal support in Alberta.

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