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December 2016 Archives

Pets: Property or family members...?

When married or unmarried couples separate, the primary issues to be determined are child/spousal support, day to day custody of children, and division of property acquired during the relationship. If parties cannot resolve matters between themselves, a Judge or Arbitrator must determine those issues. For some couples future care of family pets, whom they may consider to be a "member of the family", also becomes a contentious issue. This begs the question: are pets property to be distributed between the parties, or should a custodial regime be imposed as with children?

Children's needs should be part of family law process

One of the reasons to get a divorce is the belief that it's what is needed to move on from a less than ideal situation and be happy. For children, however, it may be difficult to understand that a divorce can make things better. A recently released report offers suggestions on how Alberta men and women may be able to help their children cope with their parents' separation. The support of the family law process may be helpful toward that end.

Mother of disabled adult son brings constitutional challenge for child support

A parent's financial responsibility for his or her child does not end when a marriage ends. Child support payments for dependent children are a requirement after a divorce in Alberta. The rules are different, however, if the parents of the child or children were never married. Support provisions for children of unmarried parents are governed by different legislation in each province. One woman is fighting to become an exception to those rules.

Can the family law process make divorce affordable?

The group of Canadians referred to by the term "millennials" are re-writing the book on marriage and partnerships. Many are choosing to wed much later in life than was common in previous generations; the average age for a millennial man at his wedding is 31, and a millennial woman averages 28 years old. Many are choosing common-law relationships, instead. Either way, breakups do still happen, and many men and women are realizing they can't afford to be single. However, there may be solutions for them in the Alberta family law process.

Judge orders increased child support payments for gifted child

There are few parents who haven't taken the opportunity to talk about how smart their children are. And while many children do shine from time to time, there are some kids whose talents are genuinely exceptional. Sometimes supporting that talent can mean extra expenditures for a parent. A judge's recent ruling regarding one such child may end up impacting child support settlements in other jurisdictions, including here in Alberta.

Family law process should consider grandparents desires

Many Alberta families are fortunate enough to include grandparents in their lives. However, sometimes those same grandparents are excluded from divorce proceedings, potentially to their detriment, and that of the children. Separating couples may wish to include their kid's grandparents in the family law process

Planning ahead with family law

At the outset of a long-term relationship few people are thinking about one day getting a divorce. From a practical standpoint, however, that may be the best time to begin making plans for the possibility of an unfortunate ending to a marriage here in Alberta. For those with a little foresight, family law can offer more than just a solution for those about to separate.

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