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Does divorce influence the size of households?

It likely comes as no surprise to residents of Canada that things in the county have changed a lot over the course of the last century. One of those things is the size of the household. The number of people living in each house has dropped dramatically throughout the years.

Consider this, in 2011, the average size of a household in Canada was 2.5. In contrast, in 1940, the average size of each home was 4.3 people. While that trend continued for several decades, in 1976, at which point there was a shift to people living alone, the number began to decline. Currently, more than 60 percent of households in Canada are made up of just one or two people.

There are likely many things that contribute to that change. One of them is believed to be changes that have been made in divorce laws. As the number of divorces taking place grew, the size of households dropped. This is a result of a larger household being split.

When one household becomes two following a divorce, it can be a big change financially for all involved. Things that were once paid for once will now have to be paid by both parties to the marriage. This can create great expense for both parties.

Because everyone wants to start the next part of their lives in a good place, steps should be taken during the divorce to secure the best financial settlement possible. A divorce lawyer who has handled such cases in the past can be of assistance in this.

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