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November 2015 Archives

During divorce don't neglect your mental health

The end of a marriage or common-law relationship brings with it many changes. In the course of finalizing the split there are many matters that need to be addressed. While financial matters are often front and center, when children are involved, matters related to them such as custody and support are also important. Though the focus during a split is usually on matters of this nature, the parties to a split should be aware of other things as well such as their mental health.

What is collaborative divorce?

Divorce can be a contentious process for all involved. In an effort to avoid that, some people are getting away from going to court and opting instead for a collaborative divorce. This relatively new approach was created in the United States in the 1990s and since then migrated in all directions, including north to Canada. Collaborative divorce is appealing to people for a variety of reasons. It generally takes less time than a traditional divorce. In part as a result of the timing, it also often costs less.

Child custody situations that could benefit from legal assistance

Child custody battles can take a lot out of those involved. Even in the best situations, there can be a high level of stress associated with establishing how much time a child will spend with each parent and how much support will be provided. When a parent does not follow the rules laid out or make the best interests of the child the focus, the custody process can be even more difficult.

Follow these tips when mediating a Separation Agreement

The way in which a Separation Agreement is reached by couples that file in Alberta will vary depending on the people involved. When couples are committed to working together in good faith, mediation is an excellent option. In the course of mediation, parties work with a neutral third party to reach an agreement regarding matters at issue. If, for some reason, the process if not successful, a case may still be arbitrated or litigated. Though a lawyer is not a requirement for mediation, in most cases it is advisable to have one on your side, either to assist at mediation or as a resource during the process.

Considering divorce? Take these steps to prepare

For most people who decide to divorce, they have spent a period of time contemplating the issue before taking formal action. Because the process can be long and difficult it is advisable that anyone in this situation is sure that it is what he or she wants. During the time of reflection before commencing the process, several steps can be taken to prepare. This preparation could make a difference in the resulting settlement.

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