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August 2015 Archives

How the Ashley Madison hack could impact divorces

Over the course of the last couple of weeks it has been virtually impossible to avoid news of the hack of the adultery website Ashley Madison. As news continues to break about high profile individuals who had an account, other people who signed up for the website, which is based in Canada, may be nervous about whether they will be found out, and what to do if they are.

What you need to know about dividing assets in a divorce

In most cases, the division of assets is the biggest issue that needs to be addressed in the course of a divorce. While there are guidelines in place that speak to the matter, in certain circumstances, a lawyer who has experience in this field can find an alternate approach.

Ending a relationship can be challenging for common-law spouses

For some Calgary area residents, marriage is not necessary to demonstrate commitment. Instead, couples may choose to live together as common-law spouses. While the couples who opt for this arrangement may feel that it works fine, it is not the same as an actual marriage as those who are a party to it are not bestowed the same rights as couples that marry.

Allegations of double abduction in child custody proceeding

There is no question that child custody matters can be the most difficult to face when a relationship ends. Things can get even more complicated when one of the parents takes a child to another country without permission. When this happens, depending on the country the child is taken to, it can be very difficult to bring the young person back. A mother in Calgary knows this all too well.

What can be excluded from martial assets?

In almost every divorce case, a primary concern for both spouses is the division of assets. There is good reason for this, regardless of how long the couple has been married. Upon divorce, each spouse will embark upon a new chapter of life. Being secure financially can make the transition much easier than it otherwise would be.

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