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February 2015 Archives

Alberta woman seeks guardianship of non-biological daughter

Judges in Alberta make child custody and guardianship decisions based on the child's best interests. While every case is different, it may be possible under certain circumstances for a person who is not the child's biological parent to be awarded custody or guardianship.

What are the different kinds of child custody arrangements in Alberta?

The term "parenting," as opposed to "custody" and "access," is used in Alberta's Family Law Act, and under the Act, the term "parenting" refers to the plan for how divorced or separated parents will make decisions regarding their child and how the parents' time with the child is shared.

What do I need to change a spousal support order in Alberta?

If you, as a recipient or payor of spousal support in Alberta, want to change the amount of support you receive or pay, then the court will require you to provide documentation of your income and expenses. The documents needed to obtain a variation of spousal support are much the same as the documents needed to obtain a variation of child support, which we discussed in a previous post.

How can divorcing spouses benefit from mediation, as opposed to litigation?

The common perception used to be that divorce always had to be a battle, resulting in a winner and a loser. While many divorces do require litigation to resolve difficult disputes, ending a marriage can be done in a way that allows the spouses to cooperate and resolve their differences amicably.

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