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January 2015 Archives

Important to update your estate plan after divorce

Divorce can affect every aspect of a person's life, including his or her estate plan. Your estate planning documents will not be automatically updated or cancelled at the end of your marriage, and failing to properly address these matters could lead to family disputes and financial troubles down the road.

Accounting for complex assets in a divorce settlement

The accurate valuation of matrimonial property can pose an array of challenges, perhaps especially if the spouses have acquired significant assets over time. These could include business assets, registered retirement savings plans, non-registered investments, pensions, stocks, real estate and commercial property, not to mention bank accounts, vehicles and the matrimonial home and all its furnishings.

Alberta mobility applications: Making a case for a move

In matters of child custody, the Alberta courts generally presume that maximizing contact between the child and both parents is in the child's best interests. Every family is different, though, and economic or employment issues may arise that require one parent to relocate with the child.

What financial documents are needed to calculate support payments?

When a married or common-law couple separates, determining the amount of child support and spousal support tends to be a complicated matter, especially if complex assets have to be considered. If you and your spouse are separating in Alberta, then you should know that you are entitled to full disclosure of your spouse's finances, just as your spouse is entitled to full financial disclosure from you.

What happens to matrimonial property after a separation?

If you're like a lot of couples here in Calgary who are separated or going through the divorce process, you may have a considerable number of questions about what to expect as things continue. One such question is posed in this week's title: what happens to matrimonial property after a separation?

What is the imputation of income for support payments?

Spousal Support Guidelines and Child Support Guidelines help Alberta residents calculate the amount of each of those kinds of payments. While basic child support is established by law, spousal support is not, though judges often use the Spousal Support Guidelines as recommendations when deciding how much the payor will pay and for how long.

Common-law spouses can have peace of mind with cohabitation agreements

Many couples in Alberta and throughout Canada are in relationships that have lasted for many years, but the couples have chosen not to marry. The parties love and are committed to each other, but marriage may not be in the couple's near future or even desired.

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