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July 2014 Archives

Former Mountie caught in fraudulent paternity scheme

As we talked about last week, it can be very expensive to raise a child. Even married couples sometimes have a difficult time paying for all of their children's expenses, so the thought of raising children without the help or financial support may seem impossible. Fortunately, when parents separate, they must also make provisions to pay child support.

Can my child support payments be changed if I lose my job?

Divorce for parents in Alberta is about more than just selling the family home and buying separate condos. It is about coming up with a child custody arrangement that is in the best interests of the former couple's child; it is about establishing a child support order designed to provide for a child's well-being. It can be quite expensive to raise a child, and if only one parent is contributing toward that cost, a child's standard of living will be vastly less than if both parents contributed.

When a divorce is anything but sudden

There are generally two camps when it comes to separations: those who have known the relationship was over for some time and those who are utterly surprised by the separation. Although those who are surprised may not have the time to prepare for divorce, including working with a family law lawyer to better plan for the separation and to take steps to protect their rights, those who have seen the "writing on the wall" can.

Collaborative law may be a good way to resolve custody disputes

When a couple separates, regardless of if they were married to begin with, the presumption is that their children will spend part of their time with one parent and part of their time with the other. It is beyond doubt that children do best when they have both of their parents involved in their life and, unless it is in the best interest of the child not to be with one parent, courts will generally grant joint legal custody. The time spent with each parent, however, is not always even.

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