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February 2014 Archives

The end of a marriage need not be the end of a business

There are many family run businesses in Calgary, often with both spouses playing a crucial role in operations.  But with an increasing number of divorces in Alberta those businesses may be at risk. Divorce is often an emotionally difficult time and many couples operating family businesses assume divorce will automatically bring the business to an end.  This isn't necessarily true. Many couples are able to separate their personal lives from their business lives enough to continue to work with a former spouse, particularly if that business generates income for both parties.

After years of lobbying, Japan signs Hague Convention

Calgary is a diverse city with people from all over the world. Immigrants have long made Calgary and Alberta their homes, but that immigrant experience continues to change. For a long time, when an immigrant moved here, he or she stayed here. There were very few who could afford to go back to the country from which they came, so they settled in Calgary and became Canadians. Now, it is much easier for immigrants to live their lives in Calgary, but go back to their home countries on a regular basis. It is also common for Canadian-born children to go and visit family and friends in their parent's home country.

As conflicts arise, so too does the cost of divorce

It goes without saying that an uncontested divorce is cheaper than a contested divorce, but it is something which bears repeating from time to time. Sometimes an acrimonious split is unavoidable. Divorce itself is a stressful emotional process, and trying to divide a life built together takes time. Working toward an uncontested divorce, particularly with the assistance of a competent family lawyer and divorce mediation invariably keeps divorce costs down.

It is important for spouses to declare all assets during divorce

Divorce is nearly always stressful. Anyone who has gone through a divorce or separation in Calgary knows that trying to negotiate a settlement with a soon-to-be ex-spouse can be difficult. From trying to determine child custody to arranging child support to dividing matrimonial property, coming to an agreement in such an emotional state may seem impossible, but using level-headed family law lawyers can help.

Dealing with a high-conflict divorce

When experts rank stress factors, the end of a marriage is ranked third, right after the death of a spouse or a child. Even going to jail or the loss of another family member is not as stressful. When someone with a high-conflict personality is involved in the marriage break-up, the stress levels can go even higher. Someone with high-conflict personality can be very self-centered or even anti-social. This type of personality is revealed through recognized characteristics

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