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Appointing A Trusted Representative

It is an unfortunate reality that many people reach a state of incapacity that prevents them from making important financial or personal care decisions. In anticipation of this possibility, it is prudent to give someone the legal authority to speak for you when you lack the capacity to state your preferences. Appointing an Attorney by Power of Attorney and an Agent under a Personal Directive (also referred to as a "Living Will" or "Advance Medical Directive") can prevent conflict from arising between your family members when choices must be made on your behalf.

At Kirk Montoute LLP, we explain the implications of granting authority under a Power of Attorney or Personal Directive. We ensure that you understand under what conditions this authority can be exercised. As experienced legal counsel, we have the substantive knowledge to answer your important questions as you make a choice that could directly affect your way of life.

Designating A Decision-Maker

The onset of dementia that sometimes coincides with advanced age can give rise to incapacity that requires a Power of Attorney or Personal Directive to come into effect. In addition, younger people who have suffered an accident or severe illness that affects their decision-making capacity may require a trusted person to speak and make decisions on their behalf.

A Power of Attorney empowers a trusted person to make day-to-day financial decisions, including banking decisions and major transactions involving assets, such as the sale of a home. A Personal Directive may include choices about living arrangements, dietary requirements and major health decisions. The authority given to these individuals will depend on the specific terms of the documents that can be tailored to each client's situation.

Our lawyers at Kirk Montoute LLP will help you to set the terms of your Power of Attorney and Personal Directive in a way that makes you comfortable and meets your personal needs. If you wish, we can also advise the individuals whom you appoint about the scope of their responsibilities should the power of attorney or care directive come into effect.

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