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Caring For The Financial Needs Of Children

Following separation or divorce, parents must continue to contribute to the care of their children. Although most parents are committed to meeting their financial obligations, there is often disagreement about payment amounts and schedules. While basic child support is established as a matter of law, many special expenses may be negotiated.

When you need information about child support, the lawyers at Kirk Montoute LLP in Calgary can advise you. Schedule a consultation at our firm to talk with us today. We will work with you to negotiate an arrangement that meets the needs of your children and is consistent with an appropriate allocation of special expense obligations between you and your co-parent.

Legal Guidelines For Child Support

Section 3 of the Child Support Guidelines specifies that the amount of basic child support is based on the income of the paying parent and the number of children he or she must support. A court can order a different amount if the paying parent's income is more than $150,000. When the non primary parent cares for the children more than 40 percent of the time, his or her payment obligations may be reduced.

In addition to basic child support, expenses should be shared between parents for special and extraordinary expenses incurred on behalf of the child. According to Section 7 of the guidelines, these may include:

  • Uninsured medical expenses
  • Medical and dental insurance premiums
  • Physical therapy
  • Psychological counselling
  • Educational expenses
  • Extracurricular activities

Many couples choose to establish a child support agreement through negotiation, instead of going to court. At Kirk Montoute LLP, we can represent you in an out-of-court process such as mediation to negotiate child support. Child support is one of many important issues addressed in a separation agreement prior to the finalization of divorce.

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Children's financial needs will change as they grow older and participate fully in school life and take on important extracurricular activities. At our firm in Calgary, our lawyers renegotiate child support agreements on behalf of clients in the years following an initial divorce settlement. To learn more, call the firm toll free at 877-563-5295 throughout Alberta, or in Calgary at 403-233-9300. You can also contact us online.