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Creating A Positive Environment For Children

Child care arrangements are a priority for separating parents. Despite positive intentions, however, parents may disagree on the schedule and amount of contact they are each afforded with their children. Ultimately, parents must create an effective custody and parenting plan that best meets the needs of their children at the time of divorce and as children grow older and family circumstances evolve.

At Kirk Montoute LLP in Calgary, we seek to understand your concerns as a parent. We work with you to find the right legal solution to ensure the well-being and best interests of your children. Consult with our lawyers to learn more.

Responding To Client Concerns

During our years in practice, we have helped many parents negotiate child custody arrangements with their former spouses. These relationships may be amicable, strained or hostile; regardless, the children's welfare is the primary concern for everyone involved. We are advocates for the rights of parents in a way that ultimately looks out for the children.

Our experience gives us the knowledge to create family-specific solutions, even in difficult circumstances. We have helped clients who seek to limit access to a former spouse. We have also helped those who want a larger role in their children's lives. We have also helped many clients who are at an impasse with their co-parent about important decisions involving the children such as education, medical treatment, religious upbringing and moving outside of the jurisdiction.

Legal Processes To Create Long-Term Solutions

Many parents feel that going to court is the only way to create an effective custody arrangement. In fact, out-of-court solutions often save parents time and money as well as reduce the emotional and psychological strain on children. At Kirk Montoute LLP, we are proponents of mediation, settlement meetings and collaborative law, which can lead to practical legal solutions that best serve families.

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Parents can choose from a variety of flexible arrangements for access and custody of children. Our lawyers in Calgary will use our experience and legal knowledge to help you to arrive at the solution that is best for you and your children. To learn more, call the firm toll free at 877-563-5295 throughout Alberta. In Calgary call 403-233-9300 or contact us online.